Wellness between Hill and Sea

Small business owners, big dreamers

Arriving in the Marche, was like a landing place after much sailing.

Although we knew nothing about agriculture, we had decided for our future that we would dedicate ourselves to learning how to return to the land.

So we started a two-year search to find the right place. When we crossed the barrier of access to the property for sale, in 2018, it was love at first sight: the look ranged to the sea, the hills around green and sunny, the farmhouse that silently resigned told ancient stories of peasant life

The Spaces

Every corner is lovingly cared for, from the details in living stone to the exposed wooden beams, to the warm and reassuring fabrics.

Welcoming atmosphere

Crossing the threshold you will be surrounded by a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Attention to detail

Harmonious provision, between spaces, light and details studied with love

Harmony and style

An intimate retreat where time stops and life starts flowing again


Modern materials left unfinished, such as reinforced concrete columns, polished concrete floors and steel beams of the floors, combined with warm materials such as wood and antiques or recycled furniture. Family memories with new life placed next to timeless design pieces in an eclectic mix full of personality.

The 4 rooms are extremely bright, equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom and large shower.

Minibar and tea and coffee station in the common area.

Eco Bistrot

Food is our medicine
our favorite supermarket is our vegetable garden: our daily commitment is to bring to the table tasty and healthy dishes, produced largely with vegetables, fruits and wild herbs of our land, which for years has not seen the use of any chemical.

The Eco-Bistrot and our staff are available for small groups or private events of minimum 10 and maximum 25 people. 


“From manure flowers are born”

From Stable to Place of Well-Being

After the renovation, the former stable has been redeveloped giving rise to the multifunctional room where the activities that we propose take place.

The Multifunctional Room is available for:

  • Lectures
  • Courses
  • Seminars
  • Individual treatment

“From manure flowers are born”

Our Products

And you call if you want, Emotions

In Monna Terra we cultivate, care and lovingly transform the plants that will become remedies for well-being and nourishment.

Our crops respect the environment and the ecosystem, are free of pesticides and chemicals, weeding is done manually observing the time dictated by nature.
We have plants of Melissa, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Olive and Wheat Solina and from these we produce: evo oil, flour type “0” and type “2”, kitchen salts flavored with our herbs, soaps, herbal teas, essential oils, candles and natural incense.

Our wish and commitment is to give you quality products that can open your heart, calm your mind and awaken your connection with our Mother Earth.

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