Monna Terra, Wellness between Hill and Sea


“The dance generates destiny following the same laws that bind the flower and the breeze. Under the sunflower of Harmony we are all one"

Biodance is a system of human integration, organic renewal, emotional re-education and re-taking of the orginary functions of life in an enriched environment. His methodology consists in inducing vivencias through music, singing, movement and group meeting situations A group of Biodanza becomes a moment where, thanks to the music and mutual support that develops among the participants, it is possible, dancing, implement a path of personal growth by working in a pleasant way on vitality, self-esteem, assertiveness, interpersonal relationships, creativity and spirituality. Based on the Biocentric Principle and the experience of Rolando Toro, the methodology of Biodanza is a pedagogy aimed at healthy and sustainable lifestyles also from an ecological point of view. Spread all over the world it stimulates people to regain vital momentum, joy of life and greater concentration.

Teachers Catia and Stefania, practioners of the school of Biodanza of the Adriatic