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“My body is my temple, asanas are my prayers"

Vinyasa flow The name comes from the Sanskrit: VI "in a special way" and NYASA "to place" so "to place in a special way". But what is this special way? The mood or special form of doing Yoga is following the flow of breath. In Yoga, in asanas and in life. The Vinyasa flow is in fact characterized by the particular fluidity of the movements, which are performed in coordination with the breath.The result is a kind of powerful and elegant choreography in which the positions are connected to each other, to create that harmonious and creative flow that gives the name to the style.

Silvia Pipponzi Dancer and certified Yoga teacher, has made harmony, body, movement and life, her profession, which she exercises with great passion and devotion to the practice.
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Lorella Isidori practitioner and teacher of Ashtaga Vinyasa yoga, under the guidance of the Indian master Ajay Kumar, according to the traditional method taught in Mysore, India. Together with Dina they created: Mysore Yoga Expeditions, a project that want to share the Ashtanga practice and everything what they have learned and that they are still learning in Mysore, India. Through lessons they accompany people to connect with the practice, helping them to build a practice sustainable and respecting the possibilities and times of everyone. The Mysore are not a place to show what level you are at, but a place to open to the different possibilities of use our body in order to achieve greater awareness.